E-invoicing in India 2021: scope of mandate

E-invoicing in India 2021: scope of mandate


Mandatory e-invoicing in India will start from 1 January 2021 for Indian businesses with an annual turnover exceeding Rs. 100 crore. Companies must prepare quickly and should take advantage of solutions that facilitate the issuance and receipt of e-invoices.

What is GST E-Invoice System?

GST e-invoice is the introduction of the digital invoice for goods and services provided by the business firm generated at the government GST portal. The concept of GST e-invoice generation system has been taken into consideration for the reduction in GST evasion.

Benefits of GST E-Invoices

  • Simplified GST compliance
  • Precision
  • Lesser reconciliation errors
  • Reduction in price
  • Abolition of paper
  • The effective functioning of capital performance
  • Improvement in business efficiency
  • Fastest bulk e-Invoice generation
  • Ensures 100? data security
  • Most affordable solution
  • Gst Compliance