YFobs comes up with complete set of features like send invoices, add your Customers, Vendors and Products, Generate Reports. As well as from reports you'll also be able to obtain valuable insights about how your business is going.

Smart features for smart accounting work!


Create a customize template of invoice note for the client. The best part is once you locked the invoice, it cannot be edited and deleted. Your client gets reminder mail for payment that can help you to get paid faster.

Recurring invoice

You can send invoices regularly to your routine customers. It is easy for both parties to grow together and build a strong relationship.


Estimate can help you to know the validity of the project along with the charges. Thus, your client can decide the best deals.

Taxes & Discounts

It is an automatically generated amount that reduces the risk of human error and also provides a perfect result. It also cut down manual work and give you relaxation from complex accounting.

Track your Expenses

You can track all your expenses right from your clients' traveling expenses to food, hotel expenses to the meeting expenses.


Yfobs has a feature of a multicurrency solution. Break the barrier between you and clients who are dealing in different currencies. The financial report of all the accounts can be made in your base currency automatically to know you more about the real-time data.


You can maintain the directory of your clients systematically with date, name, email id, and phone number so that you can retarget your customer in the near future.


You can manage multiple vendors in a concrete chain to fulfil the demands of your customers. Any business can maintain multiple vendors in the industry.


You can add services/products that you can offer to your customers. It attracts more and more customers that enhance your business.


At the single dashboard, you can know about the financial growth of your business. It can also predict the expansion and improvement, looking at the past data of your business. 

Reports & analysis

You can manage financial reports by date, year, and even individual projects. Analyse your Profit/Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, and trial balance. PDF and Excel are the two file formats that can support the downloaded reports. Share the report sheet with your clients individually.

Anywhere & anytime

You can manage this software anywhere anytime. It is an easy to access feature for managing all your accounts such as inventory, GST returns, and reconcile books at a single platform.


Your data is an encrypted format and cannot be accessed by any of our developers. You can completely rely on Yfobs accounting software that ensures a safe and secure platform to manage your financial reports.


Connect with Yfbos to make your work easy. You can file a GST number directly on the website. Get in touch with us and start your accounting work handy with Yfobs.